Man accused of soliciting to murder Fresno attorney appears in court

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The man accused of murder for hire, targeting a Fresno attorney, made a court appearance on Wednesday.

The defendant, 57-year old Antoian Griffin, is in the Fresno County Jail based on phone calls alleging he was involved in a murder plot targeting a Fresno attorney.

In Wednesday's preliminary hearing the prosecutions key witness is saying he doesn't remember making those calls.

Cameras weren't allowed in the courtroom as testimony began in the preliminary hearing accusing Antoian Griffin of solicitation to commit murder.

The case stems from calls made to these law offices in September of this year.

Each call advised Attorney Gary Hunt he was the target in a hit for hire allegedly arranged by Griffin.

Though the calls were made anonymously the phone number attached is to witness Curtis McAfee.

"I am very concerned that my client is in custody with no evidence of any prior threats anger or anything demonstrated to Mr. Hunt apart from phone calls," said Miles Harris, defense attorney.

Court documents show the caller said he was offered $200,000 to quote take him out.

"When the initial calls were placed, hunt attempted to clarify that griffin doesn't have these resources this doesn't make sense," Harris said.

Calls resumed earlier this month and detectives issued a search warrant at griffins home seizing firearms and ammunition.

All legally owned according to defense attorney Miles Harris.

The search warrant states Griffin lost a workers comp case and sued the attorney representing him.

Hunt represented that attorney-- which is the only connection between the two.

After invoking his 5th Amendment rights Curtis McAfee, the key witness and person is registered to says he doesn't remember calling the law firm.

The preliminary hearing to decide whether Griffin will be held to answer resumes tomorrow.

The District Attorney's office says they will not comment until after those proceedings are finished.
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