Locals seek aid for Nepal quake victims

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The devastating earthquake in Nepal has hit home on the Fresno State campus. Locals we talked to said their family members were safe.

But the disaster has put a major strain on the impoverished country of Nepal. Nepalese living here in the valley urged international agencies to act quickly.

A hiker captured video of an avalanche slamming through the base camp at Mount Everest. At least 18 people were killed there but the death toll due to the earthquake has topped 4,000.

Shailesh Rana is a business development specialist for the Craig School of Business. He said his family back home in Nepal was okay.

"Fortunately nothing happened to them but there are hundreds of thousands of people who are still living outside in the tents," said Rana. "Their houses have been ruined."

The images of destruction were hurtful to Fresno State grad student Rama Paudel. She asked valley residents to donate to the American Red Cross and UNICEF.

Paudel explained, "We still need your help. Every penny counts because the monsoon is coming and people are homeless."

The situation has made it more important for international relief efforts to get water and food into areas where aftershocks have hit.

Pappu Yadav of Fresno said, "Those kinds of aftershocks are creating a panic situation and people have been terrified and scared to go back to their homes."

Fresno State environmental policy professor Mohan Dangi said agencies should concentrate first on food and basic necessities.

"Such as medications, quilts. Whatever we can provide for relief efforts, I think that's more needed now than the relief in terms of monetary."

Paudel said it was a, "Very heartbreaking and every tragic event for all Nepalese people."

Dangi was supposed to go back to Nepal to lead a study abroad program on May 21st but given the circumstances that trip may get cancelled.

How you can help the victims of the Nepal earthquake

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