Selma authorities investigating if attempted kidnapping related to several recent indecent exposures

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A young girl's bravery is getting praise from Selma's police chief after she was able to fight off her would be abductor. (KFSN)

A young girl's bravery is getting praise from Selma's police chief after she was able to fight off her would-be abductor.

"She said she kicked him several times. At one point she kicked him and he went down and let go of her and that's when she was able to run from his grasp," Selma Police Chief Greg Garner explained.

Tuesday morning, a 13-year-old Abraham Lincoln Middle School student was walking to school when a man driving a brown four-door sedan pulled up beside her and asked for help.

"When the girl asked how could I help you he grabbed the girl and tried to force her into the vehicle," Garner said.

The incident happened around the corner from school, in the Floral and Olive area. Once she was able to run to safety, the student immediately notified the school principal.

Police are now looking for a medium build, Hispanic man in his late 30's to 40's with a goatee, a mole or mark on his right cheek and at least one silver tooth.

A suspect description similar to several indecent exposure incidents that happened over the last 10 days throughout the city, the most recent taking place Monday, just outside Heartland High School.

Tuesday afternoon parents district-wide were alerted by voicemail. Both incidents involve a man in a brown four-door sedan pulling up to a student asking for help.

Mother of two, Gabby Macias says though her kids don't walk to school she's had several conversations about child predators.

Over the next two weeks, Selma Unified Superintendent Dr. Tanya Fisher is requiring all schools to conduct safety drills with students.

"Please listen carefully right now, it's the climate where we want to take everything seriously. And we can investigate to find out differently," Dr. Tanya Fisher said. "When children are afraid it impacts their learning, so we have to make sure we're providing safety nets and systems of support is very important."

They plan to have a heightened police presence near schools districtwide.
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