Fresno grandmother calling for a stop to senseless violence

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The grandmother of a teenager who was shot and killed in Fresno?s latest murder spoke at a special gathering. (KFSN)

The grandmother of a teenager who was shot and killed in Fresno's latest murder spoke at a special gathering to honor her son's life and call for a stop to senseless violence.

A small group gathered at the elementary at the Elm Center in Fresno to grieve the loss of a murdered teenager and work together to protect their community from gangs.

"It feels like somebody pulls a piece of your heart out," said Pamela Threat. Threat added, "I just want them to stop it and put the guns down."

Pamela Threat lost her grandson Toma on Monday. Police say the 19-year-old was shot several times while walking home from a strip mall near Martin Luther King and California in Southwest Fresno.

Investigators said Threat's murder may be in retaliation for a fight at Fashion Fair over the weekend but the teen's grandmother believes the shooter, who got away, targeted the wrong person.

"He wasn't even in Fresno. He was in Los Angeles at the time going to a funeral," said Threat.

Community activists supported one another at a meeting where they shared disturbing examples of how young people are joining gangs and gunning down innocent victims.

"My name is Kina McFadden. I am born and raised in Fresno's Westside. Born in the streets that right now I am not too sure I want to walk in, and that's sad," said McFadden.

Christian leaders are also reaching out to young people in high crime neighborhoods.

"The goal of night walks is to meet the people in our neighborhoods, to get to know the people in our neighborhoods in hopes of changing the attitude towards violence in our communities," said pastor Booker T. Lewis.

So far this year there have been eight murders in the city. Police say at the same time last year, there were seven. Anyone with information about Threat's murder is asked to contact Fresno police.

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