City of Hanford asking residents to join in the "60 Gallon Challenge"

HANFORD, Calif. (KFSN) -- Hanford is asking residents to take part in a challenge to help them conserve more water and meet a new goal ordered by the state.

Patches of brown and yellow dot the green at Rotary Park in Hanford. City officials said the green you do see has only recently grown back. The parks are only watered enough to keep things alive, but Deputy Public Works Director John Doyel says apparently they aren't doing enough. "To this day we're somewhere between 12-15 percent of our goal."

The state of California has sent Hanford an order to conserve 28-percent more water. In response Hanford has created the 60 Gallon Challenge, challenging each resident to conserve 60 gallons a day.

Things like re-circulating water fountains are still allowed but the city knows there are lots of people who could continue to cut other outdoor water use. Green, lush, lawns are a giveaway that someone isn't conserving as much as they could.

"If you take a 10 minute shower, you cut five minutes you're probably about half way there," said Doyel. He says they have to hit their goal by February or else the city can start facing fines. "If we don't all get involved then we're all going to fail."

Fines would mean less money for the water system and maintenance. In the end, even if the city is paying fines, water users would still end up suffering.

The city of Hanford is also in the process of raising water rates. Officials said conservation means people are paying less but their expenses continue to go up.

Public hearings on those rate increases are expected in December. null
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