Fresno non-profits apply for help through city grant

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Inside Break the Barriers, students are running full speed ahead, climbing uphill. For the non-profit, leaders are facing this real-life challenge.

"It's a walk of faith. Prayerfully, we've come together many times, saying should we just shut down? But our heart is saying no, just keep going," said Deby Hergenrader, Break the Barriers CEO.

Founder Deby Hergenrader says they have 28 programs that they've had to reduce in size due to the pandemic.

"Half of that 28 are supported by the community, our community donations, foundations and support, and it's just not there," Hergenrader said.

Many non-profits are also in the same spot.

The City of Fresno is taking applications for non-profit grants until Friday, November 20. The funding ranges from $5,000 to $20,000.

"It will help them pay their rent, their bills, their utilities and some of the employees that they need to remain open. We don't want them to closer. They provide services for the community as well. So we encourage them to apply," said Lupe Perez, City of Fresno Economic Director.

Able Advocates is a non-profit in Fresno that serves and provides equipment for children with special needs.

Since kids aren't in school, some don't have access to equipment.

They've had more people reach out to them to borrow from the equipment closet.

"We've been filling the gap with that, but on the flip side, even though we're working more than we were before, funds just haven't been the same. We haven't been able to do any in-person fundraising that would make a significant difference," Schoenwald said.

The founder estimates the organization is down 80% in donations compared to last year.

For now, both non-profits applying for grants and tightening their budget as much as they can.

You can also help Valley non-profits. December 1 is Giving Tuesday, a day to give back.
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