COLD-BLOODED COMFORT: Meet Wally, the emotional support alligator

A Pennsylvania man says his emotional support alligator helps him deal with his depression.

This is Wally, a five-foot long alligator.

And 65-year-old Joie Henney says despite being cold-blooded, Wally likes to snuggle and give hugs.

The man says he didn't want to go on medication for depression, so his doctor allowed him to register Wally for emotional support.

According to Henney, the four-year-old gator has never bitten anyone and is even afraid of cats.

And just like a dog, Wally frequently goes out for meet-and-greets at places like senior centers and minor-league baseball games.

The reptile was rescued from outside Orlando at 14 months old and is still growing.

He could be 16 feet long one day.

Henney says Wally eats chicken wings and shares an indoor plastic pond with a smaller rescue alligator named "Scrappy."

He also acknowledged his pet is still a dangerous wild animal but says he's never been afraid.
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