Relive your favorite Pixar moments with these popular toys

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Thursday, July 20, 2023

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The Disney Store is a timeless and magical space that celebrates your favorite characters and franchises. Whether you're a Jedi enthusiast, love the toys in Andy's room or stick with the OG classics, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, there's a little bit of pixie dust for everyone. Relive some of your favorite childhood memories below with these popular Pixar toys:

1. Buzz Lightyear Interactive Talking Action Figure - $32.95

Bring Buzz Lightyear to life with this talking action figure. When Buzz detects another interactive character nearby, he'll start speaking.

Image credit: Disney

2. Woody Interactive Talking Action Figure - $32.95

"There's a snake in my boot!" Like Buzz, Woody has much to say as a talking action figure. This interactive toy features more than ten phrases and will speak when it detects another interactive toy nearby.

Image credit: Disney

3. Jessie Interactive Talking Action Figure - $32.95

Our favorite cowgirl wants in on the fun, too. Jess will have plenty to say with Buzz, Woody, and other Toy Story friends nearby.

Image credit: Disney

4. Toy Story Rash Guard Swimsuit for Baby - $14.98

Your baby is going to look deliciously cute in this Toy Story swimsuit. This one-piece swimwear features long sleeves, full-length bottoms, and UV protection.

Image credit: Disney

5. Toy Story Inflatable Pool - $54.99

Add a splash of Toy Story excitement to your life with this Inflatable Pool. The pool has an inflatable arch hanging two screens with targets that can be fired using the two water cannons. Prepare for nonstop fun all summer long.

Image credit: Disney

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