Here's how the 2020 presidential primary works in CA

Californians will vote on March 3 for presidential nominees. Here's how the 2020 presidential primary works in California.

The primaries for the Republican Party, the Green Party and the Peace and Freedom Party are for Members Only. No exceptions.

If you want to vote in those three primaries, re-register and join that party. The last day to register online or switch your party is Feb. 18. If you missed the deadline, you can still register in person at your local polling place.

But not every party has a members-only policy.

The Democratic, American Independent, and Libertarian parties welcome people registered as No Party Preference (that's people without a political party) to vote in their primaries. But you have to request the ballot you want.

If your registrar sent you a postcard, fill it out and send it back. If you missed your county's deadline or mistakenly got a ballot without any presidential candidates on it, you can still call or email your county to fix it. Or just ask for it if you vote in person.

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In order to vote in the presidential primary on March 3, you must choose a party preference.