New laws make it easier to vote in 2018 California primary election

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Inside campaign headquarters, phone lines are ringing. Outside at rallies, speakers are blaring. The California primary election is hours away, and volunteers are making sure their seconds count.

"Getting a phone call, a personal phone call, does change people's minds. They want to hear what their neighbors have to say and we are all voters," said Mira Coble, who volunteers at a phone bank.

For the first time, Californians can register and vote until polls close on Election Day. Typically, the last day to register is May 21st. The new law is called conditional voting. Californians can only fill out a last-minute registration form at their county elections office.

"You'll come in, register to vote, you'll vote. We will put your envelope in a special envelope, and after the election, after we have verified you haven't voted anywhere else, we will count your ballot," said Fresno County Clerk Brandi Orth.

This is also the first election where you can share ballot selfies.

"I would say most definitely I would take the selfie craze. Why not? It's to celebrate your first time, especially at the polls," said Andrew Upshaw, a first-time voter.

Election officials are cautioning people to read directions carefully on Tuesday. The two most high profile races in California have long lists of candidates. In 2016, thousands of voters accidentally choose more than one name.

"Lots of candidates on the ballots, a couple of hot local city council races, a hot congressional race, we are anticipating a 50 percent turnout," said Orth.

So far, the clerk's office has received 50,000 vote by mail ballots.

They are expecting to see the bulk of voters Tuesday.

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For the first time, Californians can register and vote until polls close on Election Day.

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