YES or NO on Prop 6, voters will decide future of California's gas tax

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- California voters will have a choice between lower gas taxes and vehicle fees, or street and highway repairs. A yes vote for Proposition 6 on the November election ballot would repeal the 12 cent a gallon gas tax hike and the increased vehicle registration fees approved by the state legislature.

Supporters of Prop 6, like conservative radio talk show host Guillermo Moreno says Calfornia's gas tax is already too high.

"The gas is going to continue to go up we pay the second highest gas tax in the nation," said Moreno.

But those who urge a no vote on Prop 6 say the higher tax, and registration fees are already building projects and improving roads.

Tony Boren of the Fresno County council of Governments says if the increases are repealed Fresno County would lose $18 million a year in road funds and the City of Fresno would lose another $9 million a year.

"We lose a significant amount of transportation revenue that is going to deliver local projects, our state highway projects our regional projects 65 percent goes to maintenance and rehab taking care of our multi-billion dollar transportation system," said Boren.

But supporters of Prop 6 argue there is no guarantee the money from higher gas taxes and vehicle registration fees will actually go to improve transportation.

They cite the past siphoning of transportation funds by the legislature as an example. But, Boren points out that because of that concern voters in June passed Prop 69, which guarantees the money cannot go for other purposes.

"Prop 69 that was passed by the voters in June said okay this SB1 money is going in the lock box and the legislatures aren't going to be playing games with it," said Boren.

But Moreno thinks the state should go back to using the original gas tax, passed decades ago for transportation.

"There's already an existing gas tax before this one went into effect we are saying use that money the way it's supposed to be used," said Moreno.
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