Dine and Dish: Raw Fresno in Downtown Fresno

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Friday, January 13, 2023
Dine and Dish: Raw Fresno in Downtown Fresno
Healthy choices go far beyond a side salad at Raw Fresno.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The new year is a time many people make resolutions to eat healthier, but they often aren't sure where to start.

Healthy choices while eating out go far beyond a side salad.

Beans and greens are a staple at Raw Fresno inside the Galleria in Downtown Fresno.

With many people taking a "new year, new you" strategy, January is a time Chef Naomi Hendrix notices new faces stopping by.

"I have customers and their doctors say they need to add more plants in their life. Or they need to possibly go plant-based for a little while. Or just do 'meatless Mondays,'" said Chef Naomi Hendrix of Raw Fresno.

Hendrix massages Tahini Caesar's dressing into the kale for her go-to salad, which includes Peruvian beans and sauerkraut.

"Everybody that thinks they don't like kale falls in love with kale at Raw Fresno," said Hendrix.

Manik Samaniego and his mother shared some avocado toast, spread on buckwheat flat bread, with cucumber and sauerkraut.

"I just like that you can use these ingredients, you can use healthy, plant-based whole foods to really transform your life," said Samaniego.

You might not think of soup as a healthy option, but that kale and bean combination can also warm you up.

The food at Raw Fresno is organic and plant-based.

The dishes check many boxes, from keto friendly to dairy and peanut free.

Chef Naomi's take on Pad Thai is a seasonal one.

"It's when daikon radishes are available to purchase at the market or at the farmers market. We spiralize it like noodles," said Hendrix.

For dessert, Raw Fresno offers plenty of sugar-free and gluten free options.

"We have tiramisu, we have lemon bars, cupcakes, cheesecakes, hohos," said Hendrix.