Unique Fresno County home up for sale

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It's a home that's the centerpiece of an oasis.

"Well they're impressed because they come down the driveway and boom there's a sculpture in the middle of the forest and it is 20 minutes from Fresno," said Deborah Lencioni Lapp.

Deborah Lencioni Lapp is the owner of the Creek House near Sanger. It started as an idea on paper until a friend introduced her to Art Dyson.

"Art said you've gotta lengthen out the lines. You can see that's the genesis of the house right there is the lengthening out of the lines. So the sculpture was created as a result," Lapp said.

Some of his well-known work includes the Woodward Park Library and University High. Several homes were also designed in the Valley.

Action News got a look inside the 1,800-square foot home. The kitchen and living area flow out to the deck. The unique home has received many nicknames since it was built in 1988.

"We had an Egyptian exchange student who called it the eye of Horus. It has lots of names the hobbit house, but it's home. That's what it was to us," Lapp said.

The Collins creek also runs on both sides of the house. It's even been used as a swimming hole. Lapp moved out when her kids were growing and rented it for years. She's decided it's time to sell.

The three-bedroom, three-bathroom home on six acres has been listed for $599,000.

"Our email inbox our phones are constantly blowing up. Just because it's so striking. Investors that just want to collect architecturally unique homes, so think of it like a car collector," said Nader Assemi, Assemi Real Estate co-owner & broker.

The home was also featured on HGTV's extreme homes in 2012. It's been written in publications and architecture blogs as the Lencioni residence.

It's a unique home with a story to tell. People around the world have shown interest in this property. A few Valley residents have checked it out.

The owner says she hopes the next person who lives here has the chance to dream at the Creek House.
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