Selma Police arrest two suspects for kidnapping 6-month old baby

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Selma Police detectives relentless pursuit of kidnapping suspects means a six-month-old baby is home safe with his mother.

In a press conference Tuesday afternoon, Chief Greg Garner says if it wasn't for that detective's actions that baby would likely be across state lines.

As a Selma Police detective was commended for his heroics, he modestly stated he was simply answering the call to protect and serve.

"Twelve years here in the Selma Police Department, eight years in the Marine Corps, I like to help people that need it," said Detective Richard Figueroa, Selma Police Department.

Detective Richard Figueroa and his partner are the reason a 6-month-old boy is safe in his mother's arms.

According to Chief Garner, it was 9 p.m. on Monday evening, police were called to a Selma home where an infant was taken by his mother's ex-boyfriend earlier in the day.

"She had been spending time trying to convince the suspect (identified) as Michael Flores to return her son," said Chief Greg Garner, Selma PD.

Police were able to track Flores electronically and found him Tuesday morning near Blackstone and Dakota in Central Fresno.

Detective Figueroa and his partner followed his car to a nearby McDonalds where Flores and his alleged accomplice Carmen Morales had the infant in the back seat with several suitcases filled with clothes.

"It could've definitely gone a lot worse you don't want a family to be broken up especially during these times," Detective Figueroa said.

Detectives say the suspects made comments suggesting they were taking the infant to Las Vegas.

"This was a legitimate kidnapping that would have ended tragically had we not been able to locate the child when we did," said Chief Garner.

Flores had no relation to the baby and had only been with the mother for a month.

"The suspect was there under the guise of trying to rekindle their relationship, but it appears that wasn't his intention," Chief Garner said.

Both Flores and Morales face several charges including kidnapping and child endangerment.
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