Cookies for a Cop fundraiser honors fallen Selma police officer

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Monday, February 13, 2023
Cookies for a Cop fundraiser honors fallen Selma police officer
Cookies for a Cop fundraiser honors fallen Selma police officer

KINGSBURG, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Kingsburg Police Department's Cookies for a Cop fundraiser raised money for the family of fallen Selma police officer Gonzalo Carrasco.

Proceeds from the fundraiser at Bella Bakery will be donated to the Selma Police Officers Association, which has raised over $55,000 for the family.

Carrasco was shot and killed in the line of duty on January 31st, leaving behind his family, loved ones, and a baby on the way.

"It hits home because some of us who are parents, we work in the line of duty and Selma is five minutes away. Selma was my first one and I worked there for 13 years prior, knowing the officers, I can't imagine, I am still having trouble believing this happened," said Detective Derek Gagnon with the Kingsburg Police Department.

The Kingsburg Police Department says over $1,000 was raised at Saturday's event.

Nathan Moon, an officer with the department, describes the unity as a sign of support for Carrasco's family.

"We wanna just be able to bless them and let them know that they do have a family here in Kingsburg as well," said Moon.

The department says they hope this is one of several fundraisers they will host for the family.

"We just wanna say to the family and to the Selma police department, we are here we support them. Our community, I wanna thank everybody. Bella Bakery, other communities thank you for coming out and supporting us and the family, we appreciate everything," Gagnon said.

Memorial services for Officer Carrasco will take place this upcoming week.

A public viewing and mass at St. Joseph's Church in Fresno is scheduled for Wednesday evening.

The funeral will take place on Thursday morning.

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