Local motorsport store adapting to shelter in place orders with new sales method

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The latest 2020 Waverunners have been collecting dust at Clawson Motorsports. They arrived as the shelter in place began, so customers haven't even seen them yet.

"It's been challenging to say the least, but I have a great team," says Clawson General Manager Mike Stovall. "We've overcome a lot."

Stovall has been encouraging his remaining staff to count their wins. But selling a motorcycle, off-road vehicle or outdoor equipment over the phone isn't easy.

"We've had to FaceTime everybody, walk around the unit, turn it on and drive it up and down the street," he said. "Do whatever we have to do to get people to feel comfortable about it. Because we do want to make sure they can see it, feel it, touch it before they take ownership of it."

Fresno mayor-elect Jerry Dyer is on the committee deciding which businesses should be able to reopen and when. He described the process as grueling and said he's heard from business owners all over the city.

"I am hopeful that people will see this as a positive step forward," Dyer said. "That this will generate some optimism that we are reopening our economy and we want others to get ready to reopen as well."

Not every business will be on the initial list, but he hopes to add industries as the days go on. But there's a lot to consider.

"What environments would we be able to feel safe or comfortable in in terms of shopping, and some of that is subjective," Dyer said.

At Clawson, a safety plan is ready to be rolled out. Once in-person sales are allowed again, Stovall hopes it will jump start business.

March and April are usually the busiest months of the year when the weather heats but this year, sales here have been down 50-60 percent.
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