Trendy couple costume ideas for Halloween 2023

ByChi Tran KFSN logo
Tuesday, October 17, 2023

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Halloween can be a lot more fun with a friend or loved one. Here are some perfect Halloween couple costume ideas this year for you and your BFF or significant other.

1. Loki and Mobius or Loki Variants

The duo we never knew we needed. Get your Loki and Mobius on with these fly costumes just in time for Season 2. Or both of you can just dress up as different variants of Loki - dibs on Alligator Loki!

Image credit: Shop Disney

2. Barbie & Ken Beach

This is the Halloween costume idea that is on every couple's lips. Barbie and Ken have captured the zeitgeist this Summer. So join the Barbie parade this October and keep the party going all night long.

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3. Flintstone's Fred and Wilma

This always comes up in the couple's costume conversation. Y2K nostalgia is all the rage nowadays so stand out by going all the way back to the Stone Age with Fred and Wilma's eternal costume classic.

Image credit: Amazon

4. Shark Onesie

Did you enjoy Nat Geo's SharkFest as much as we did this year? As seen on TikTok, this viral shark onesie can be you and your boyfriend's Halloween costume and bedroom pajama all in one.

Image credit: Amazon

5. Mario and Luigi

Issa me, your couple's Halloween costume idea. The brotherly love of Mario and Luigi lasts forever with these simple, but trendy costumes.

Image credit: Amazon

6. Ember and Wade from Elemental

The word-of-mouth hit of the year, Elemental has captured the hearts and minds of families and couples everywhere, making Ember and Wade the perfect one-two element punch for this year's Halloween. Take your pick from Ember's signature fire dress to Wade's Windbreaker t-shirt for the best love chemical reaction.

Image credit: Amazon

7. Adult Onesie

Take your pick from a variety of animal onesies available that make for simple Halloween costumes that are easy to wear. You'd do yourself a favor picking up a Frog onesie here to go along with a Princess Tiana costume for a creative Halloween pairing.

Image credit: Amazon

8. Moana and Maui Halloween Costume

The Moana live-action film might be a few years down the road, but you can conjure up your best Moana and Maui combo with some temporary tattoos, braided pants and a magical hook. What can I say except you're welcome?

Image credit: Amazon

9. Stitch and Angel

The little blue gremlin has found his lovely match. Declare your intergalactic love with Stitch and Angel this Halloween.

Image credit: Shop Disney

From Ashoka Tano to Ursula and Ariel,visit Shop Disney's Halloween shop for more Disney-inspired costumes.

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