Simple Solutions: Ways to spend less at the grocery store

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A family of four can spend as much as $1,300 on groceries every month. But with supermarkets constantly competing for your business do you know how to get the best deals?

If you shop for groceries every week, you're paying full price on 50 to 8-percent of everything that goes into your cart. But a keen eye for savings can cut your bill in half.

Following a recipe is a big blunder for savvy shoppers. Only two out of the 10 items in a recipe will be on sale. Shopping experts suggest planning meals around what you already have in the kitchen, not the other way around.

See a 10 for 10 deal? That really means you get one item for $1, you don't need to buy 10. The remaining $9 can go to stocking up on pantry items that are on sale.

Supermarket employees are trained to put more expensive items at eye level. Search above or below for steals and always check the unit prices to ensure you're getting the most for your money.

Also, steer clear of prepared produce. It has a much shorter shelf life and pre-packaged items can cost twice as much.

Finally, the end of the aisle deals don't speak the truth. Many times, full-price items are paired with sale items hoping shoppers will buy both.

One more thing, linking your loyalty card to an online app can help customers get personalized deals. Those savings will go straight to your mobile phone and you can stop clipping coupons.
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