Colorful flowers blooming along Wildflower Trail in Clovis foothills

As sightseers flock to the Fresno County Blossom Trail, another local trail is promising colorful views as well.

The Wildflower Trail is a 50-mile trail that begins in Old Town Clovis, heads south on Clovis Avenue and then turns east on Ashlan Avenue. From there, the trail heads up Watts Valley Road towards Pine Ridge before eventually turning onto Auberry Road and leading drivers through Prather before they head back to Clovis.

A map of the trail, along with more information, can be viewed here.

Flowers that can currently be seen on the trail include Buck Brush, Fiddleneck, Mustard, Popcorn and Lupine flowers. The trail can also feature Baby Blue Eyes, Western Redbud and Poppies.

The trail was officially dedicated in 1998.
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