Simple Solutions: Five words and phrases not to use

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Words like "Um" and "Uh" are used to fill time, but experts say those fillers kill your credibility.

Here are five more words and phrases you need to eliminate from your vocabulary:

First, stop apologizing for instances you're not sorry for. Women do this more than men, but the fastest fix is getting straight to the point. Never start a sentence with an apology.

Instead of typing "hopefully we'll get a reply" replace it with "if I don't hear anything by Thursday, I'll follow up." It's direct and solves future issues.

'Things' is a word that creates confusion. Simply state what that 'thing' is and make direct statements to keep work flowing.

'Just' contradicts your importance. Always say what you need and why.

'Honestly' is the most common word used in an interview. Starting with this word leads the interviewer to believe that what you've said before wasn't true.

Forbes says the best word for businesses is 'consistency'. From big business to small business or even customer service, experts say staying consistent is key.
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