There could be up to 25,000 bugs in a Christmas tree but don't panic

Each year over 33 million Christmas trees are sold in the U.S., according to Safer Brand.

While most of these bugs are not dangerous some can lurk in your freshly cut tree. Most are dormant in the winter but your warm home can wake them up.

Bob Hill, owner of B&D Pest Control as well as co-owner of a B&D Holiday Center, said most the time if you buy a tree from a Christmas tree lot you will not have a big issue with bugs.

"We shake them and put them out in water," he said. "When you going to look for a real Christmas tree you want to make sure the needles aren't falling off. You can inspect it for it for bugs see if you see any webs or any egg sacks in the trees".

Hill said before putting your tree inside your home you should hose it down and let it stand outside for a day or so.

He explained in the 15 years he's sold trees he has not come across bugs being a problem in trees, saying he hasn't seen too many bugs just ladybugs and a couple spiders.

However, if you decided to cut down your own tree here are seven different critters to look out for.

Aphids can be found on the lower boughs of a tree. These are common in evergreen, pine, balsam fir, spruce, Fraser fire, and white fir trees. Experts say if you do come across these bugs do not squash them as they can leave a purple or red stain.

Spiders and mites can also be found in trees. Look for tiny red and brown dots. They are commonly found on Douglas-fir, white pine, Fraser fir, and spruce trees. Mites can cause needles to drop and make small red stains on ornaments or even carpet.
Adelgids resemble a dusting of snow on the tree. These are common in fir trees, white pine, Norway spruce and Scotch pine.

Pine Needle Scale are white specs on the needles or branches. These are tiny red bugs when they hatch. They are commonly found on Scotch pine, Norway spruce, and Douglas-fir.

Sawfly has brown cocoons that hatch black and yellow flies. These are typically found on spruce and pine trees.

Praying Mantises eggs are also found on trees. They are walnut sized egg mass that will begin to hatch after several weeks of being indoors. These can be found in any type of tree.

Bark Beetle is cylindrical and either hard-bodied red, brown or black bugs about the size of a grain of rice. They are common in Monterey pines, ponderosa, Coulter pines, Jeffrey pine, white fir, and junipers. Look for small holes and sawdust trails on the trunk.

If you are trying to get rid of these bugs remember not to use bug spray on the trees because it can be flammable. Try shaking the tree outside or spray with neem oil.

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