2 shot at southwest Fresno apartment complex

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Police are searching for the suspect who drove through a southwest Fresno Apartment complex, shooting two victims before taking off from the scene.

Officers say the shootings happened just after 10 pm Saturday near California and Walnut.

Investigators say the suspect shot one man as he entered his car outside the apartment complex, then the suspect entered the complex, where he shot another victim.

The gunfire hit one of those victims in the face and another man was shot in the leg.

Police say last night's shooting follows a troubling trend.

"Unfortunately, there's a very violent trend going on in our city and it's concerning to us as a police department," says Fresno Police Lt. Tim Tietjen.

Both shooting victims are expected to survive their injuries.

Police have not said if this was a gang-related shooting.
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