DeRuyter Breaks Down 'Dogs

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The race to be Fresno State's 2015 starting quarterback took an interesting turn Tuesday morning, when Tim DeRuyter announced that incoming transfer Ford Childress could miss a little time at fall camp.

"We're still working through academics with Ford. He may miss the first couple days. He's got some class work that he's got to meet the NCAA requirements with. But as far as pertains to graduation. Because not all classes transfer. So, we're kind of working through that a little bit." said DeRuyter.

Until then, expect the competition between Chason Virgil, Kilton Anderson and Zack Greenlee to remain close. Speaking of delayed entry, DeRuyter also announced that highly touted recruit A.J. Greeley from Edison High School will not be at fall camp.

"A.J. Greeley's going to be delaying his entrance until January. He's going to continue to take the SAT/ACT class and hopefully get his score up for that." added DeRuyter.

The Bulldogs have big question marks on defense and at quarterback. But its head coach feels better about this summer, than he did last summer.

"I think we came out Spring this year, feeling better about ourselves on both sides of the ball. I think a year ago, while obviously we had QB questions, we still weren't established at a lot of the skill positions. I think with the skill positions that we have coming back, the competition, the depth we have there. It's going to make whoever our QB is a lot better earlier. Just because they're going to have more weapons. You know a year ago, a Chad Olsen's a true freshman. It wasn't until about halfway through the season he really established himself and how he's 20 pounds heavier. He's just more of a guy. We have a lot more of those types of players for our QB's to lean on." said DeRuyter.

The 'Dogs were picked to finish second in the West division. But DeRuyter left media days a week ago with a sense of optimism after meeting with other conference coaches and players.

"I think the big thing I took away was that I think our league is basically going to be wide open. There's a lot of coaches that are in similar situations that we are. We're still looking for a QB. I know up in Boise they are. They've got a terrific team coming back, but they're looking for a QB. San Diego State's got a new one that came in, I believe in the spring time. But he hasn't played for them just yet." added DeRuyter null
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