New Raiders stadium in Las Vegas running into parking issue

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (KFSN) -- An empty plot of land near the Las Vegas strip is where the Raiders want to put their crown jewel of a new stadium. It's easy to miss in this industrial area west Interstate-15.

The only thing to let you know what's coming is a billboard and sign that sits on opposite corners of the property.

These Raiders booster club members know what's coming and they are excited that football is headed to the desert. They're also sympathetic of Raider Nation in the east bay.

"We've been here even way before the thought of them coming here. The thought of them coming to Las Vegas where we live. Our home is a dream. It's a dream come true. I mean it's terrible for the city of Oakland and our hearts definitely go out to them. If they stayed there, we'd still be Raiders fans. If they moved to San Antonio we'd still be Raiders fans. If they moved to Timbuktu, we'd still be Raiders fans. With them coming here we're absolutely going to support them 100% with Raider Nation here in Las Vegas." Said Evan Young, President of the Raiders Booster Club Las Vegas

The land looks barren right now-- fence that's been breached in a few places. Some trash and debris, but far from an eye sore.

The plan is to have a state of the art stadium when it's all said and done in 2020. A 65,000 seat stadium with Las Vegas strip views and a price tag of just under $2 Billion dollars.

Just looking around there's room for a stadium, but not much else

"I honestly, I think there's more room around the desert. Not so closed in right here. But hey, they picked the spot. We'll take it where it's at." added Young.

Parking and traffic are going to be a huge issue.

Our ABC affiliate in Las Vegas is reporting the current venue has 2,300 spaces. Roughly 16,000 short of what's needed.

"Parking is an issue. It's not an issue that's unsolvable. There are a lot of wheels in motion, balls in the air that hopefully are going to come down at the right time." said Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak.
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