Group of seniors come together to create hand chime choir

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- A group of seniors joined forces creating a hand chime choir at The Fountains Senior Living Community.

Marilyn Knight lives at the community in Clovis and had the idea of starting a hand chime choir earlier this year.

To her, these tunes are familiar, but for many members, it's a new experience they're excited to have.

"Even though we are getting older, we are still interested in doing new things," says Knight.

She took a stroll through her community and knocked on doors inviting everyone to take part.

Eleven people said yes, and since August, they meet at the clubhouse for practice twice a month, where they've created new friendships cheering each other on.

"Everyone is having a little bit of difficulty, but they're reaching out and saying 'no no, you can do it. Come on. You are doing a good job!'" says Knight.

World War 2 veteran Ralph and his wife Helen Scholl have experience with a bell choir but say this challenge is one they were up for.

"We are meeting new people all the time and that makes us feel good," says Helen.

It's a feeling Sharon Allison agrees with.

In March, she moved into the complex and says joining is the perfect way to meet her neighbors and calls this opportunity a blessing.

"Best thing I ever did, I just love it and I think we are doing rather well"

They will be performing a few holiday melodies at a Christmas luncheon.

Knight says she's reaching out to nursing homes with hopes of performing some tunes for them as well.

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