Farm fresh milk delivery demand grows during COVID-19 pandemic

Employees deliver milk from the Tulare farm, Top O' the Morn Farms, to homes from Clovis to Bakersfield.
TULARE, Calif. (KFSN) -- It may be 2020, but the milkman is back and busier than ever in the Central Valley, delivering glass bottles of milk.

"Thirty days after the pandemic started, we had a 700 person waitlist, which was crazy. So that put a lot of pressure on us logistically on how to add those customers, and we have not been able to take care of all of them," said Ron Locke, Top O' The Morn Farms owner.

Locke says they're looking to hire drivers and licensed milk pasteurizer to meet their demand.

Employees deliver milk from the Tulare farm to homes from Clovis to Bakersfield.

The dairy farm started in Tulare in 2004. Locke and his wife decided to bottle and sell their own milk, including flavored milk, in 2012.

The small-batch milk experience has caught on.

"We have strawberry, chocolate, root beer. We have pumpkin spice coming out in a few weeks, eggnog, which is awesome, phenomenal," Locke said.
In addition to the milk, they've partnered with local farmers and producers to deliver local products like tri-tips and eggs.

People can order online. They have a drive-thru in Tulare and added one in Visalia off Akers Street during the pandemic.

"Our Visalia drive-thru opened the first day of shelter-in-place. Financially it's been good, but operationally it's been tough," Locke said.

Drive-thru employees make everything from milk to milkshakes and coffee drinks. They sell even fresh-squeezed orange juice from local growers.
For home delivery, there's a minimum $10 dollar and delivery free.

Locke says farmstead dairies have become popular, and he's working hard to reach all of their customers.

"I think people are home, and its convenient, and I think shopping, in general, is changing," Locke said.

A farm-fresh experienced delivered to your door without having to leave your house.
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