Tropical Storm Hilary begins to make its way to Central Valley

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Monday, August 21, 2023
Tropical Storm Hilary begins to make its way to Central Valley
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Weather experts tells Action News significant rainfall is expected Sunday evening and over night.

VISALIA, Calif. (KFSN) -- On Sunday, downed trees filled streets in Fresno.

Video from an ABC30 insider shows part of the road blocked near Sheppard and Cedar Avenues with another showing a tree toppled over a car.

This was a result from the Tropical Storm making its way north on Saturday.

Experts say parts of Fresno County will experience off and on rainfall until the end of Monday.

And areas like Tulare County and Shaver Lake should brace for potentially heavy rain overnight.

"A lot of this rain will fall overnight, too. Hillary's track sped up and initially we were going to see a lot of the rain impact into tomorrow but a lot of that rain will fall late tonight," National Weather Service, Hanford meteorologist Antoinnette Serrato said.

Serrato says a tropical storm is much different than Californians are used to.

"Because it's a tropical system it's very warm and there's a lot of moisture associated with it and so with that, not only is it all rain, there's also some thunderstorm risk associated with it as well," Serrato said.

Meanwhile, FEMA is bracing for the storms impact.

"The flooding that we're expecting could be pretty significant when you talk about rainfall that this storm is producing," FEMA Deputy Associate Administrator Keith Turi said.

Both FEMA and The National Weather Service is encouraging people to stay in doors as the storm makes its way through the Central Valley.

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