'They hear missile strikes': Terrified for their loved ones, Ukrainians across Valley pray for peace

In uncertain times, it's hard for many not to feel helpless.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Ukrainians and Russians joined together on Sunday at the House of Gospel church in Fresno, praying for peace among their two countries.

Many of the people have friends and family still in Ukraine, hunkering down.

"Last we heard, they were going to spend as much time as they could in the basement just in case they get hit," says Beniamin Bodur.

Bodur says the last time he heard from his family was a few days ago - every hour that passes is concerning.

"They hear the missile strikes, they hear it all even though they're on the outskirts of Kyiv, even there they're expanding it," he says.

In uncertain times, it's hard for many not to feel helpless.

This weekend has been filled with community gatherings. People of all backgrounds and faiths coming together.

"It's hard right now to do something physically, and be present with loved ones. So our biggest thing right now is prayer, it's kind of all we can do right now," says Alex Ivanov.

Ivanov is the pastor of The House of Gospel church.

He is from Ukraine and still has friends and extended family in the country.

He says the people of Ukraine can feel the love and support from around the world, and that's why he feels people need to continue to pray.

"All we want is for it to stop. If we stop there will be peace," Bodur says/

The House of Gospel here just created its own Ukrainian Relief Fund. You can donate to that on its website.

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