Fresno County teacher arrested for inappropriately touching students, investigators say

Friday, January 9, 2015
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His family stands by his side, but Fresno County Sheriff's detectives says there could still be more victims.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Valley teacher Victor Gomez was arrested for inappropriately touching six of his students. His family stands by his side, but Fresno County Sheriff's detectives says there could still be more victims.

The sheriff called the teenaged girls courageous and says it's very possible there could be more victims who have not come forward. Reports show the students accuse their teacher of touching them and making inappropriate comments.

The principal at American Union was the first to hear about the allegations, according to documents obtained by Action News. Six 8th grade students all describe similar incidents -- most were one handed hugs that ended with inappropriate touches over the student's clothing.

"The acts took place randomly between August of 2013 through March of 2014. But the victims did not report the behavior until April," said Margaret Mims, Fresno County Sheriff.

The district immediately put Gomez on administrative leave 8 months ago. One of the 13-year-olds told investigators teacher Victor Gomez also told her, "You need to break up with your boyfriend, he doesn't deserve you and he doesn't understand you. I wish you were mine so I could take care of you."

At the home investigators searched, the suspects mother-in-law, said he would never do anything inappropriate. "Good boy, good man. Is good, good, good. No he saw nothing. Nothing," said Ruby Mancha, suspect's mother-in-law.

Gomez declined to talk with Action News, but his family members said the teenage accusers are lying.

The Sheriff believes they are telling the truth. During extensive interviews, some of the girls said Gomez would touch them in private areas several times during one of the hugging sessions. The reports reveal "One time one of the students asked him if he needed help and he told her, no, just sit there and look gorgeous."

The superintendent of the school district issued a statement saying, "The district takes the allegations against Mr. Gomez very seriously and will work with law enforcement and the District Attorney's Office."

The sheriff is concerned their could be more victims and hopes getting Mr. Gomez's face out there will prompt others potential victims to come forward.