Bracing for triple digit heat

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- We are halfway through June and while some people say they have already felt the burn of the typical Valley heat others think our weather, so far, has been milder.

"Last year just seemed like we didn't want to go anywhere because it was so hot so many days in a row. But this year we've been able to come out go to the park, been able to go to the zoo, enjoy the splash pad. So it's been nice to get out of the house more," said Haley Ward.

So are the temps on a downward trend?

As of right now-- no.

This month Fresno has already seen four scattered days of triple digit weather. Something we did not see for the first half of June in 2017.

In fact, last June Fresno had a few days with highs in the 70's.

"Well, the perception that this year is cooler than last year is because we've had a prevailing onshore flow. We've had many days of cooler than normal temperatures this month. We've honestly haven't had a long stretch of heat in the Valley," said Ward.

What most people might be remembering is the second half of June in 2017. It was extremely hot.

"Last year we were just going into a nine-day stretch of triple digits and it wasn't just slightly over 100. We had highs right around 110 for two or three of those days."

Looking forward over the next week. It does not appear we will see those daytime highs reach 110.

"Our cooler than normal weather this weekend is going to be followed by some warmer weather by the middle of next week but we aren't expecting temperatures to get much above normal, probably mid to upper 90s."

But long-term, this summer could still pack a punch.

"The 90-day outlook from the Climate Prediction Center is we are expecting an above the normal temperatures through the next 90 days. So through August, it should be slightly above normal."

We are expecting to see cooler temps this weekend. But once we start heating up again - the National Weather Service wants to remind people to stay safe, especially around local rivers.
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