Calm before the storm wasn't so calm

Watch the video for extended team coverage from Action News reporters Rick Montanez and Mariana Jacob.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The calm before the storm wasn't so calm this time, wind wreaked havoc in parts of the Valley.

Action News found decorated trees swaying back and forth in the strong wind gusts. Signs were barely holding on throughout Mendota before the rain began to fall. And extremely poor visibility forced the California Highway Patrol to shut down Jayne Avenue near Coalinga for several hours.

Sgt. Kevin Coomer said, "You've got dusty conditions caused by the drought. These open fields, certain terrain features cause the wind to pick up predominantly through certain areas. That brings the dust across the roadway, which creates near zero visibility situations."

The heavy rainfall will continue throughout the night so whether it's the wet conditions or the wind, the CHP says be careful.

Follow the storm with our interactive radar map:

Bracing for much-needed rain and potential damage

Storm bringing plenty of much needed rain and snow

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