Fresh snow brings hopes of drought relief

SHAVER LAKE, Calif. (KFSN) -- Hope rose along with snowfall levels in Shaver Lake. Businesses there have been struggling during this drought.

Business owners say the season has been slow, but people are still making their way up to Shaver Lake. "It's not like the town shuts down because the snow doesn't come," said Kyle Lee from the Shaver Lake Village Hotel. "So there's definitely plenty to do."

Business is slow going, but still going at the Hungry Hut. "We have been waiting so long," said owner Linda Sinks. "It would have been great if we'd of had it maybe towards December. But we will take what we can get at this point."

Sinks, along with plenty of others, had to dig her way out of the snow Monday. Heavy flakes fell, but not nearly enough to wash away the problems from the extreme drought we're experiencing.

China Peak posted video of the snowfall online, but the resort cannot open unless it gets more snow soon.

"We've all got our fingers crossed that maybe China Peak may have enough snow to open back up," Sinks said. "That would really help because spring break is coming."

Snowcapped cabins, wet roads, and frosted pine trees are all signs of winter, images everyone hopes to see more of before the season is over.

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