Mosquitoes the size of a quarter plague Houston area ahead of heavy rainfall

HOUSTON, Texas -- Wondering where all of those massive mosquitoes are coming from? Well, the possibility of major flooding headed to our area over the next several days is causing a rise in mosquitoes.

A viewer sent Eyewitness News a video showing a giant mosquito in their car, and another viewer snapped a picture of a quarter-size mosquito in her house in Santa Fe.

Also, ABC13 reporter Steve Campion and his photographer took to Twitter to describe their encounter with mosquitoes Thursday. He said, in part, "I can't tell you how many mosquitoes swarmed @13PhotogReed and me. Every time we hit one there was blood."

Viewers in Brazoria and Galveston County also complained about the swarms of mosquitoes invading their area.

ABC13's Christine Dobbyn was in Galveston and said the skeeters there were horrible too.

"There are so many they could carry us away," she said.

If you're looking for a natural way to keep the flying pests out of your yard, try using plants you can grow to help repel them.

Basil, lemongrass, rosemary, and marigolds are a few plants that will keep the insects at bay.

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DOES THIS BUG YOU? If you live in Brazoria County, chances are you've seen your share of mosquitoes lately.

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