Winterizing car to prepare for slick conditions

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- As the temperatures dip and the rainy season approaches now is the time for drivers to get their cars ready for the change in weather.

"It's about that time of the season. It's going to rain, just got to get in here."

Steve Castillo is using his only day off to get four new tires and wiper blades on his vehicle. He says with rain in the forecast -- he doesn't want to take any chances with his family's safety on the road

"When it comes to tires and rain there's no waiting you just got to get it done, just take care of it. If you have kids, take care of your business," said Steve Castillo.

Experts warn about driving on a rainy day because many people forget to adjust their driving habits to wet hazardous conditions

"Whenever we get the first rainy day of the season and this looks like it's going to be the first big rain of the season...oils come up from the asphalt and makes the roads abnormally slick," said Justin Montooth.

That is why it is important to slow down and give yourself a little more following distance during wet conditions and with rain -- fog typically follows.

"We're definitely going to start seeing some fog after it rains," said Montooth.

"A lot of times using your low beams and even opening your windows so you can hear cars when you come up to an intersection if you can't see."

Rain does not typically require making major modifications to your car but following a few precautions at the start of any rainy season can make driving easier and safer.

"You can't put a price on your safety," said Castillo.
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