Woman killed by boyfriend in Lemoore, investigators say

LEMOORE, Calif. (KFSN) -- Forty-year-old Danielle Dever died Sunday. Police tracked down the suspect, Juan "Johnny" Castro and after a pursuit, he was killed in a shootout with police.
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Monday the victim's family is not focused on him, instead, they are mourning her. A mother and grandmother who her kids say took care of everyone else, but herself.
"She could fix every broken heart except for hers. Except for hers and she stayed trying," said Ashley Valdez.

Danielle Dever was with her boyfriend for nearly four years. Her family knew they had their issues, but never thought their problems would end in her death. Her daughter, Ashley Valdez had just left her mom's home Sunday, about a half an hour before she was killed.

Valdez said, "She didn't want me to leave and I promised her I would come right back, I promised her I was going to come right back."

Lemoore Police are not sure what happened Sunday that prompted the violence.

Officers had never been called to the home for any domestic problems. The victim's mother and another person were home during the homicide. One of them told detectives they heard arguing before the gunfire.

Commander Mark Kendall of the Lemoore Police Department said, "At this time we're contacting family, friends, acquaintances, anybody who knew the couple to establish some type of motive. At this point, we do not have a motive."

Danielle's children describe Castro as a quiet man who mostly stayed to himself. They had no idea their turbulent relationship would escalate to murder.
Danielle did not share their problems with others, instead, she kept them to herself. Monday her loved ones recalled how much she gave to them- in her wisdom, and guidance.

"She taught my daughter Ohana. No family member ever gets left behind, no matter what," said Valdez.

The victim's sister, Kayla Dever said, "She always seen the best in everybody and I just more feel guilty that I hadn't talked to her in so long, trying to prove a point. And now she's gone and I have no way to make it right."

The father of Danielle's three daughters said he too will miss her and all their happy times.

Jose Valdez said, "We always did family things together, and holidays. We would go camping when they were little. Our love has always been there for each other and our kids."

Family members believe the homicide was a spur of the moment action. They say their mom loved Castro and was willing to always try to tough things out hoping things would get better.
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