Women caught on camera pepper-spraying 7-Eleven clerk, stealing cash

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The search is on for two women who are behind a series of robberies at 7-Eleven stores in Fresno.

Surveillance video captured the crooks around 2 a.m. Wednesday robbing a store in northeast Fresno.

In the video, it appears the women are getting ready to make a purchase, handing over the cash but then their behavior turns violent.

"One of the females takes out pepper and sprayed the clerk," said Fresno Police Sgt. Brian Valles.

An attack to temporarily blind the man behind the register while the other suspect allegedly steals $700 from the register.

Sgt. Valles says those suspects were back in action two weeks later.

This time at a 7-Eleven on near Millburn and Herndon.

The only difference was their tactic.

"Same type of M.O. they actually switched this time as the other female actually pepper-sprayed the clerk and the other one stole the money," said Sgt. Valles.

While robberies in Fresno are down by 9% in comparison to this time last year, Sgt. Valles says they are seeing a trend with pepper-spray being used as a weapon.

"It incapacitates them enough so that it's easier to steal money out of the drawer," said Sgt. Valles.

That is why Sgt. Valles is hoping you can take a good look at their faces, so that police can capture these pepper-spraying bandits before they strike again.
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