Alameda Co. DA says 7 cops will be charged in sex scandal case

OAKLAND, Calif. -- The Alameda County DA announced that criminal charges will be filed against seven officers in the sex scandal rocking several East Bay police departments.

Nancy O'Malley says that five of these officers are from the Oakland Police Department, one is Livermore PD Officer Dan Black and another is Contra Costa County deputy Ricardo Perez.

The five Oakland PD cops have been identified as officers Brian Bunton, Warit Utappa, resigned Officer Tyrell Smith, and retired Officer Leroy Johnson.

All are believed to have been involved with a woman known as Celeste Guap, a 19-year-old self-described prostitute who says she slept with multiple officers when she was underage.

O'Malley said that more charges could be possible in other counties but she cannot charge some of the Oakland police officers who had contact with Guap in Contra Costa Coumnty.

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Four Oakland PD officers were terminated. Other departments have also had resignations and suspensions. On Thursday, a Livermore officer resigned.

Richmond police sent her to a rehab center in Florida, where she was arrested last week for assault.

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O'Malley says she is in contact with DAs in Contra Costa County, San Francisco County and San Joaquin County regarding their officers.

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