Valley air quality worsens as triple-digit heat returns

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Just as our temperatures tick toward triple digits, the Valley's air quality is only expected to worsen.

The air becomes stagnant, and we breathe in more pollutants this time of year.

Dr. Aminian with the Allergy Institute in North Fresno wants to remind Valley residents of how the sudden change in temperatures can affect our health. Especially those who work outside.

"Three days ago we were in 70s and 60s and it was very pleasant but be mindful today it's going to be 10," Dr. Arminian said.

He says heat exhaustion and heat stroke are common in our area.

"There's a misconception that if you go outside and exercise in the heat and try to tough it out you'll be a stronger person," he said. "Not only is that not true it's very damaging to the body."

Many can relate to Pam Hays and the weather-related symptoms she's facing. She recently returned to her Fresno home after a quick trip to the coast, where the air is cleaner.

"Coughing is a lot more, and breathing is a lot more of a struggle and a lot of wheezing where I don't have so much at the coast," Hays said.

During spells of extreme heat, experts recommend staying indoors as much as possible.

But if you need to jog or ride your bike try to do it in the early morning hours when the air quality is not as harmful.

"The more air pollution we have, the less oxygen we have," Dr. Arminian said. "And if we don't get enough oxygen in our body, your lungs get affected your heart can get affected the blood supply to the brain can get affected."

Viruses and colds have a higher chance of spreading during sudden changes in the weather.
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