Parents of missing California woman believe she is still alive as new developments unfold

Parents of Gabe said the recovered phone case belonging to their daughter was found in Antioch near her ex-boyfriend's home

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Monday, May 16, 2022

OAKLEY, Calif. -- It's been more than three months since 24-year-old Alexis Gabe of Oakley, California, was first reported missing in late January. But new developments in the case is giving Gabe's parents hope their missing daughter is still alive.

"We definitely know there's someone that knows something," Gabe's parents, Rowena and Gwyn Gabe, told our sister station KGO-TV. "Even if it's just one person, we ask that you come forward and give us the information so that we can find our us, help us please."

A cell phone case belonging to Gabe was recovered, investigators said.

"There's a lot of things unfolding right now with the case," said Gwyn. "Unfortunately, there's things we can't talk about yet."

The missing 24-year-old was last seen in late January at her ex-boyfriend's house in Antioch along Benttree Way.

"I can tell you this, where the phone case was found... it was very very close to where the Benttree Way house is," Gwyn Gabe said.

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Last Thursday, Oakley police served a search warrant at Gabe's ex-boyfriends house. Investigators last searched the home in February.

The Gabe's say investigators check in with them around three times a week. According to the family, the latest updates are giving them hope Alexis is still alive.

"Yes we are hoping, a feeling as a mom you know," Rowena Gabe said. "It's mixed emotions...they're not telling people they're looking for a body."

Gabe's parents say Alexis's two nieces found her car in Oakley the day after she was first reported missing with the keys still in the ignition- not far from the ex-boyfriend's house.

Last month, Oakley PD released surveillance footage of a man walking down the street in a hooded sweatshirt the night Gabe went missing. The man, now deemed a person of interest, was walking down the street not far from where Gabe's car was recovered.

"Have you heard any leads from investigators on who this man is?" asked Stephanie Sierra, a reporter for KGO-TV.

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"Yes. Unfortunately now we can't say... he's just a person of interest right now," Gwyn Gabe said.

Alexis's parents say the support from the community has been overwhelming, but added recent reports of bodies recovered across the Bay Area is making it harder to keep that hope alive.

"It's scary, very scary... hearing reports of all these bodies," said Gabe. "We asked them to check it out... and are just relieved it's not her."

"If Alexis could hear you right now, what would you tell her?" Sierra asked.

"We miss you so much, we're not going to give up, we're not going to stop... we're going to keep searching... we will find you," the Gabe's said.

The city of Oakley has created a $10,000 reward fund for anyone who has information on this case. You can send tips to 925-625-7009.