4 juveniles in deadly jewelry store robbery admit to robbery

Wednesday, January 24, 2018
4 juveniles in deadly jewelry store robbery admit to robbery
Four juveniles involved in the jewelry store robbery leading up to the murder of Christopher Leon have admitted to robbery, according to defense attorney Gerald Schwab.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Four teens involved in a deadly jewelry store heist have reached a deal with prosecutors. The juveniles admitted to robbing the shop back in August in exchange for other charges being dismissed.

A fifth adult suspect now faces murder charges alone.

Fresh flowers and candles continue to burn in the parking lot where Christopher Leon lost his life. His family too emotional to speak on camera told us no sentence or punishment in court can ease their grief.

Four of the five suspects reached an agreement with prosecutors Monday.

The teens, ranging from 12 to 17 -- admitted to the robbery. In turn, the prosecution agreed to drop murder charges and not to try the juveniles in adult court.

"You had four kids that were not involved in the murder, they never intended for anyone to get shot and killed. They were there in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Defense Attorney Gerald Schwab represents one of the minors. He says his client wasn't aware one of his friends had a gun. That man, 18-year-old Angel Morelos is the only one now facing first-degree murder.

Under the plea agreement, the four juveniles can face anywhere from zero to five years with the division of juvenile justice.

Schwab says his client has already learned his lesson.

Christopher Leon's family says they have a hard time believing that apology and their innocence.