Anthony Jones murder: Eric Gallardo's wife testifies in defense of him in court

The woman accused of motivating a murder took the witness stand on Thursday in a Fresno County case - to defend her children's father.

Rosalinda Gallardo testified in defense of her husband Eric Gallardo.

He has admitted he pulled the trigger.

The question now - was it a crime in the heat of passion or cold-blooded murder?

Rosalinda said she's been with Gallardo since she was 13 years old.

She testified he was the first person she called when she said she felt violated and afraid.

That call ultimately cost another man his life.

The woman at the center of a confrontation that turned into a homicide said Anthony Jones reeked of alcohol the moment he sat next to her on the couch at her grandpa's house.

But her crying and inconsolable daughter frustrated him, and his response made her mad. We can't show Rosalinda's face in court as she described being shoved by Jones.

Pictures were shown to jurors inside the home where the alleged confrontation with Rosalinda and Jones began. Rosalinda said as she reached down to pick up her sobbing baby, he grabbed her buttocks. Jones also goes by the nickname Chicken.

"So then I looked around to see if anybody else seen what he did (butt to) I noticed everyone was kinda minding their own business so I got scared and I went to sit by my aunt on the couch she was sitting on," Rosalinda said in court.

Rosalinda was upset and crying and called Eric Gallardo. He came over and was told about what happened before he stormed off to find the man he'd never met. As she collected her children to leave, Rosalinda told the court she heard gunshots from the direction of the Kearney Market.

Jones was killed during the confrontation. In surveillance video, he is seen buying a beer moments before he is gunned down in the doorway.
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