Valley Boy Fighting To Survive After a Tragic Car Crash

Fresno, California Today is also the first time the family came face to face in a court room with the boy accused of killing nine-year old Sebastian Amezcua.

Sebastian died earlier this month while his family drove home from church.

Five year old Emanuel Amezcua is still recovering. He and his mother were also in the car when a 15-year-old plowed into them with his mother's vehicle.

Today we saw the first pictures of Emanuel in the hospital. His family hopes he'll be out of the hospital to enjoy the holidays at home.

Emanuel Amezcua struggles to say just a few simple words.

The five year-old's father German Amezcua captured the video early Thursday. Emanuel suffered a brain injury and a broken leg two weeks ago. This deadly car accident happened in West Central Fresno. Emanuel's father said everyday his son's spirit and condition improves.

German Amezcua said, "He's eating solid foods. He feeds himself, a little too fast faster than we want him too, because he needs to chew his food before he has his mouth empty."

Emanuel's nine year-old brother Sebastian died. His mother Jessie was also injured, she is recovering at home.

On Thursday German came face to face with the 15-year-old boy accused of driving the car that slammed into his family.

Action news is not identifying the suspect, because he is a juvenile. His mother told action news Her son took the car without permission. He now faces numerous charges including vehicular manslaughter.

Amezcua said, "The process just needs to happen. Justice will be served. I'm not out for vengeance I'm not wishing ill on anyone."

German's spirits are high even though he lost one son and the other is recovering, and there's good news.

Emanuel may be home in time for Christmas, a present that could go a long way for a family torn by tragedy.

Amezcua said, "The love, my son's love, my family's love. The love of the community, that's what, keeps me together."

The 15-year-old suspect remains in custody. His attorney told me, he believes the boy was being chased when the accident happened, and they are still investigating what happened.

The boy will be back in court next month.

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