President Bush Continues his Trip in the Middle East

KFSN 1/14/2008 It was the first visit of a sitting us leader to Dubai, a modern Arab city on the shores of the Persian Gulf. President Bush spent the day taking in local culture and meeting Arab youth.

When meeting with a group of Arab youth, Bush said, "I also want you to understand something about America, that we respect you, we respect your religion and we want to work together for the sake of freedom and peace."

He also met with intellectual leaders at the Dubai school of government, an affiliate of Harvard university, and saw the Burj al Arab, Dubai's glittering 7-star hotel.

But the visit wasn't all shiny. There has been significant criticism of the President's visit. Gulf News, a state-owned newspaper, published a front-page letter slamming Bush on numerous topics ranging from the Iraq war to the administration's policy on Guantanamo Bay.

One poll in Arabian business magazine showed 80% percent of people here consider the President's Mideast policy a failure.

With two days left in his tour and twelve months to go as president, it's unclear whether he can change their minds.

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