Sugar Daddy's Gentleman's Club Will Remain Open

KFSN Five and a half years after applying, Sugar Daddy's gentleman's club in east Visalia finally has a permit to operate.

The club was allowed to stay open during the application process, but getting the board of supervisor's approval to operate the only strip club in Tulare County was difficult.

Laura Kennedy, "Sugar Daddy's" Co-Owner: "I'm just pleased that they finally gave me my special use permit to continue my business."

Kennedy owns "Sugar Daddy's" with her husband, Byron.

In 2004, the planning commission denied the permit saying it was detrimental to the public safety, peace and welfare of the community.

Then, the county passed a new ordinance, making the commercial property illegal for "adult live entertainment."

The owners appealed the decision saying the club applied for a permit before the new law was even written.

Stuart Miller, Represents "Sugar Daddy's" Owners: "This type of entertainment is certainly protected under the first amendment that's not simply my opinion but it's the opinion of the courts of California and the U.S. Supreme Court."

Steven Worthley, Tulare County Supervisor: "It's not our personal preferences it's what people have the right to do with their property."

Now that Sugar Daddy's has its permit approved, the owners must apply for a business license. But that could mean more complications.

In the application for a business license, one section states that an "adult live entertainment" facility can exist. Another says there can be no nudity.

Stuart Miller: "I'm just concerned that someday we'll be in question with what can be presented at this facility and what cannot."

Steven Worthley: "Obviously this is the kind of dancing where you'd expect some nudity to occur. I don't know if that's going to be a violation of the rules or not those things will be worked out obviously in the future."

"Sugar Daddy's" now has 90 days to apply for a business license. No one showed up to the supervisor's meeting to object the strip club.

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