Dave Hawk Will Go To Trial

KFSN Dave Hawk is a suspect in the murder of his ex-wife, Debbie Hawk, But has never been charged.

He was in court for several, un-related charges.

Dave Hawk waived his preliminary hearing on the embezzlement, perjury and tax evasion charges he faces.

Hawk's attorney said his client wanted to skip the proceeding and head straight for trial because his father would have been ordered to take the stand.

Mark Coleman, Dave Hawk's Attorney: "Hawk's father had been subpoenaed to testify, Mr Hawk didn't want to put his 74 year old father through a testifying at the preliminary hearing when we can resolve the issues at trial."

In exchange for waiving the preliminary hearing prosecutors agreed to drop the child pornography charges against Hawk.

Larry Crouch, Deputy District Attorney: "There's lots of reasons for that but the basic one is I didn't feel I had enough evidence to prove it in a criminal trial."

Crouch says Dave Hawk stole more than $300,000 from his children's trust funds. If he's convicted, Hawk could go to prison for 10 years.

Crouch: "The key piece of evidence is 3 ledgers from Morgan Stanley that show money was withdrawn from trust accounts and some bank accounts that show where that money went and the fact that no taxes were paid on it.

Hawk's attorney is concerned about whether his client can get a fair trial in Kings County.

Coleman: "It's going to be difficult to find a jury that's one of the things that we're obviously going to consider a change of venue motion. It's going to be very difficult to find jurors here that don't have an opinion here about Mr. Hawk.

Prosecutors say there's no new evidence in Debbie Hawk's murder investigation.

It's been more than a year since Hanford police named Hawk the main suspect in her murder, which happened in June 2006.

Her body has never been found.

Dave Hawk will be back in court next month to be arraigned on the embezzlement, perjury and tax evasion charges.

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