Democratic Presidential Debate in Los Angeles

February 1, 2008 12:00:00 AM PST
Some called Thursday's debate between Obama and Clinton relatively tame. They exchanged pleasantries throughout the evening but things did flare up when it came to hot topics like the economy.The first Democratic debate between just Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and the last before Super Tuesday took a decidedly friendlier tone from the outset.

Obama said, "I was friends with Hillary before this race, I will be friends with her afterwards.

"Differences with Barack pale in comparison to the Republicans. Their differences were highlighted for healthcare, the mortgage crisis and national security; specifically: Iran," said Clinton.

Things did get contentious when the debate focused on immigration reform and drivers licenses for illegal immigrants. But even that confrontation ended on a friendly note.

Earlier in the day, the Obama campaign announced it had raised $32 million dollars in January alone. The Clinton campaign will not release its fundraising total for the month until its required to in April.