New Ethanol Gas Station

A brand new ethanol gas station will open in the city of Tulare on Monday.

Crews worked to put on the finishing touches of a brand new E85 gas station in Tulare.

On Friday, owner Dennis Stanley put up the remaining E85 decals and signs before the pumps open up to flex fuel drivers.

Ethanol is a colorless alcohol made from corn. E85 fuel is made of 85% ethanol and 15% regular gasoline.

Some farmers complain the alternative fuel has led to higher prices in corn, used for cattle feed.

"It's kind of a hardship for the dairymen right."

E85 can only be used with "flexible fuel" vehicles. Putting E85 in a regular gas tank could corrode the fuel system.

In the last few years, more dealerships have started to sell "flex fuel" cars as the trend to be more environmentally-conscious increases.

Stanley says E85 is not only cleaner burning, it's also cheaper.

Dennis Stanley: "We should be able to retail it from anywhere from 25-35 cents less per gasoline."

In San Diego, the cash price for a gallon of E85 is $2.89. The price of regular unleaded gasoline is $3.14

The lower price is quite appealing to some drivers.

Angela Taylor, Corcoran Resident: "Gas is so expensive and people don't want to leave their houses and drive all over the place because it's expensive."

Some studies show ethanol emits fewer poisonous gases compared to gasoline.

Several drivers we talked to say they still need more information.

Louie Freitas, Tulare Resident: "Ag wise I don't know if it has enough power for the type of business I do and cleaner…I'm not a scientist I don't know."

Darrel Deleeuw, Tulare Resident: "Only gone by what I've heard and I've heard that you don't get quite the mileage of it but it's a little more reasonable price s hopefully it'll even out.

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