New Details about NIU Gunman

February 15, 2008 Police still can't figure out why a man shot and killed 5 people before taking his own life on a college campus yesterday. But police are learning more about the gunman who opened fire with a shotgun and two handguns.

"We are dealing with a disturbed individual who intended to do harm to this campus," said Northern Illinois University President John Peters.

But police still don't know what motivated the 27-year-old graduate student identified as Northern Illinois University as Steve Kazmierczak to terrorize a packed lecture hall. "The shooter comes in doesn't say a word, has the most expressionless face, just points the gun at the crowd and opens fire," said survivor George Gaynor.

Another survivor, Brian Pihuleac said, "It was really sickening to look up and see how casually he was reloading his weapon after firing on a crowd of students."

James Donahue was shot as he tried to escape from the chaos. "As soon as I got in the aisle he must have turned towards me and he hit me back in my left shoulder and back of my head."

The gunman shot 22-students before killing himself. "I can't tell you exactly how many shots were fired. But I can tell you that we found 48 casings and six shotgun shells," said Northern Illinois University Police Chief Don Grady.

The shooting rampage plunged the campus into grief with many around the country wondering, why?

President Bush said "Obviously a tragic situation on that campus. And I asked our fellow citizens to offer their blessings, blessings of comfort and blessings of strength."

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