Do or Die For Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign

3/4/2008 Fresno Monday, the New York Senator got some star power support from "Desperate Housewives" star Eva Longoria as she pushed for votes in Texas. Tuesday's primaries could revive Clinton's campaign or lock up the nomination for Senator Barack Obama.

At the end of a long day, in what has become a long primary season, Barack Obama reflected on just how far his campaign has come. Remembering the naysayers Obama said, "There's no way that he can raise the money to compete in a presidential race."

Raise money he has and competing he is. Obama has won the last 11 contests and today, is after the big prizes of Texas and Ohio, hoping to knock Hillary Clinton out of the race.

Clinton is standing her ground. While polls show the two tied in Texas, she leads slightly in Ohio. Clinton was also in a reflective mood last night as she reminisced about registering voters in Texas years ago saying, "I have earned every wrinkle on my face and I feel just as energized by what we're going to do in this election!"

But if voters don't go her way, will she stay energized?

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll show, if she loses either Texas or Ohio, the overwhelming majority say she should stick it out. If she loses both, the opinion shifts with most pushing for her to go.

Neither Obama nor Clinton has any scheduled events until tonight. But republican John McCain will campaign today.

McCain is still a few hundred delegates away from the nomination, but he's already looking ahead to the general election, vowing to win California, a traditionally democratic state.

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