COS is Partnering Facebook

Visalia College of the Sequoias in Visalia is trying to take searching for a job to the next level.

John Winterton, Technology Chair at C.O.S.: "When you go to school you don't always know what the job's going to be like and you don't know how to get into it who to talk to anything and this will give them some of those opportunities."

COS is the first college in the nation to partner with popular networking website "Facebook" to create the brand new It's a digital village, if you will, to help students get involved in their community and lead them on the right career path. will act as the portal to this local online community.

Students can do everything from enroll in online job-preparedness workshops to research local employers.

Winterton: "Everything from posting your resume and your coverpage and your portfolio online to interacting with people non face to face online a lot of companies are doing online interviews now."

Bridge: "COS students we talked to said they could really use the career help. They said it can be difficult to get that first job when you don't have any experience."

Amanda Hoisington: "We have our certificates we may have the degree the paperwork necessary not the experience the only thing left is connections and this will establish that."

David Hurst: "To me it seems like it's easier to do some things over the internet more than in person just because you can be yourself on it."

Organizations and employers can also join facebookyou to look for future job prospects and participate in online workshops.

It will also be a place for students to check out upcoming events and places to volunteer.

Hoisington: "It's slightly different than just listing and you're just another nameless face you get to interact with many different groups that are interested."

In order to access the facebookyou site students must complete an online course.

Then the virtual door is wide open, COS officials hope to have the site up and running by the fall.

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